Cupcake Cone

With 916 “repins,” I thought these ice cream cone cupcakes would surely be a hit for my friend’s birthday. They are cute, clever and delicious!

I ran across this treat on Pinterest while browsing the “popular” tab. It was originally pinned by someone planning a 3rd birthday party. While this is great for kids, from my experience- they are loved by people of all ages!

This particular idea came from House of Hepworths . In her comical post, Allison explains how she thought she had invented a baking and carrying pan for cupcake cones, only to discover her “invention” is actually sold in stores. Hoping to save money, I decided to make the pan described by Allison.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the tin she used while shopping at Target, so I just used a rectangle pan I already had at home.

As I was in a rush to make these cupcakes, I used a store bought package, not homemade cupcakes (I know, please don’t judge), but they came out just fine (honestly, you can’t ever go wrong with Funfetti).

MY SUGGESTIONS: 1) Try making the pan Allison describes. 2) The cone can get soggy if left in the fridge, so bake and eat right away.

Bake and Enjoy! xo-Jess

Find Allison’s tips to making an easy baking tray and directions for cupcakes here!


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